Keys to Health and Happiness

The Keys to Health and Happiness…”To Be Wholesome Never Eat Candy.” Here’s what the acronym TBHNEC really stands for:

– Thoughts

– Breathing

– Hydration

– Nutrition

– Exercise

– Circadian Rhythms


It is not about getting a rigid stance of boycotting the candy aisle and never eating sugar again. Circadian Rhythms, since this can be very complicated, I will focus on a single system of the body under this topic. Basically, it means rest patterns. I promise you, it is important not just just how much total sleep you get each night. You will find other places which are crucial to achieve success in this area. Ask yourself, not just how much sleep you get regularly but all from the following questions:

– Is your sleep continuous or do you wake up throughout the night?

– What time did you go to sleep?

– What time did you wake up?


The focus is on two groups of people on these questions:

1. Busy executives who’re extremely stressed and have poor tension management methods, or who travel extensively.

2. People not feeling well or whose wellness has begun to suffer and their physician has told them they need to get more rest and take much better care of themselves.

The reason it’s only these two groups is simply because this really is a very hard region to effectuate alter in individuals. I have much much more achievement with nutrition, exercise and also the other places within the Big 6, but nobody wants to go to bed early it seems. I am not entirely certain why this really is, but my suspicion is that people are so over-stimulated and attempt to pack so a lot into their lives, personally and professionally, that they merely cannot afford to ‘waste’ valuable hours sleeping.

There are some methods that fall into what is known as ‘sleep hygiene’ that may make a tremendous distinction to assist some people fall asleep and stay asleep. Rest hygeine could be described as the actions, habits, or predictable things people do to tell their bodies that it is time to prepare to rest. Authorities recommend to turn off lights, the pc, and also the television an hour prior to it is time to sleep, otherwise the body will release stress hormones that really trigger you to remain awake.

As someone who spent most of his life using the tlevision to put me to sleep, I chuckled at how impractical this idea from the supposed authorities was because I did not want to live my existence like this. I didn’t want to waste my life going to bed at 8PM! The suggestion of getting a predictable routine was fine, but doing this correct about sundown again sounded nice, but perhaps in my elder years. I mean this is absurd, right? Who is going to do this? You know who will be compliant to recommendations like these? Individuals who are completely unable to rest without strong sleeping medication, those who are sick, and people who are just miserable and atribute part of it to poor sleep. Individuals are the individuals who are willing to take such suggestions.

My suggestion to you may be the same I would give any of my clients, use balance to guide you. It is unrealistic to go from a bedtime of 1AM to sometime near sundown inside a week or two. And, this may not be necessary at all. A good suggestion would be to attempt 15 minutes earlier every week, keep the TV off in the bedroom, and attempt to develop some predictable patterns like brushing your teeth and then washing your face thirty minutes prior to climbing into bed. The key is to make sure that the changes you implement are realistic and they function for your existence.

Just simply because a supposed expert recommends something doesn’t necessarily mean that I would suggest it for you. If you are happy, healthy, and your lack of sleep isn’t a big deal to you, then keep doing what you’re doing. It is none of mine or anyone else’s business to tell you to change just because the authorities have spoken. It’s simple: if it is not broken, no have to fix it. Yet, should you believe your approach to sleep may need some work then perhaps try some from the methods I suggested.

Have you tried sleep hygeine or can you provide personal encounter on this topic? Give my recommendations a shot and let us know how they worked for you personally. As always, we love to hear from you so please comment.

Sleeping Well Manual

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