The ‘Greener’ Sleep Aid

You most likely have heard of melatonin. It’s the hormone your body releases at night time, when it’s dark and your system needs rest. Thus, melatonin facilitates your body know the difference between day and nighttime and lends a hand with your circadian rhythm and sleep/awake cycles.

Although it may not be the most environmentally green sleeping aid around (your brain produces it by natural means but, hey, if you’re taking it orally, that means somebody else is manufacturing, bottling, and selling it and it’s no longer natural – it is synthetic) melatonin surely seems preferable to traditional prescription and other over-the-counter sleeping aids as far as greening your mind and physique are involved.

The Mayo Clinic rated melatonin’s helpfulness with an “A” for jet lag, and a “B” for delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS), insomnia in elderly persons, rest trouble in children with neuro-psychiatric disorders, and slumber enhancement for people who are typically pretty healthy.

The directions for the melatonin strips recommended taking the strips immediately just before bed; however, you can take them about a half an hour previous to hitting the sheets. You will fall asleep more effortlessly and rested via the entire evening.

The Mayo Clinic also provides facts about dosing and safety – as do numerous other sources like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) – but as always it’s greatest to discuss it with your doctor just before trying something new. The FDA doesn’t regulate melatonin production, so you must absolutely discuss the amount you take – and just how long you take it – with a medical professional.

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