Tips On Sleeping Better

One of the things that will mess up your day quicker than any other isn’t getting sufficient sleep. Good rest is extremely underrated. To be healthy, bright, and full of energy you need a good nights sleep. The general rule is that eight several hours is the ideal amount of rest. However, every individual is various. It’s rumored that Albert Einstein would rest eleven hours per night and Beethoven would only sleep for five.

Tips On Sleeping Better

Maybe those sound like extremes, but the point is you’ll need to find your ideal quantity of rest. Try eight hours, if you’re having troubles sleeping then go to bed half an hour later every night time until you do get a great night rest. Do not get less than six hours, as there is probably something else stopping you from sleeping. If you are not getting enough sleep, visit sleep half an hour earlier. Most individuals don’t sleep soundly if they rest nine hours or a lot more every night time. Kids however, often do require more sleep.

Quality of rest is just as important as quantity as anyone who has spent the night tossing and turning knows. In order to alter your sleep habits you may need to alter some of your daytime habits. Here are some suggestions.

– Play gentle music for half an hour before bed.

– Have comfortable pillows. Pillows do wear out and require to become replaced.

– Put a little pillow between or under you knees to assist maintain proper sleep posture.

– Don’t drink caffeine for at least four several hours before bed. Some individuals require twelve several hours of no caffeine before bed.¬†

– Don’t drink alcohol or sugary drinks inside two several hours of sleep.

– Most people can’t rest inside two several hours of exercise, but this helps other people, so try it for yourself

РDo not watch TV in sleep, or inside half an hour of bedtime. 

– Go to the bathroom before trying to sleep

– Do not take naps during the day. If you do, no longer than half an hour

– Keep room quiet and dark as possible,

– Put on earplugs if it is noisy or if your partner snores.

– Do not sleep in your clothes.


In Hot Weather

– Keep air flowing through the room by use of an open window or fan

– Dampen a sheet and set it overtop of you when you visit bed.

– Put top sheet within the freezer for 15 min prior to you visit bed.

– Wear damp sox to sleep.

– A cold shower prior to sleep, or dampen hair.

– Put a wet sheet or towel in front of a fan or open window.


In Cold Weather

– Warm shower or bath before sleep.

– Wear soft socks to sleep.

– Have a warm blanket, layers of blankets or weighted blanket.


For shift workers

– Stay awake for an additional hour after getting off of night shift

– Have a snack prior to sleep.

– Sleep in the basement or a darker room. Have an eye mask if the light bothers you.

– Sleep with a radio or TV playing quietly within the background.

– Have a glass of water by your sleep, in case you wake up thirsty


If you are not getting a great night time sleep you may need to alter your daytime habits. It will be worth the sacrifice. Have a good nights rest!

Sleeping Well Manual

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